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Acting is not about being Famous, Its about Exploring the Human Soul.
ITA School of performing Arts Launches in Australia.
The Elegant Creations now bring professional acting courses for the entire acting lover. Having a professionals in our team who not only give the skills of acting but also share the experience, what are the basics and the key features of the acting and how you can make a career in the acting.
Acting course includes Improvisation in Acting, Diction Speech in Acting, Method Acting, Stanislavski method in Acting, Movement in Acting, Quick learning in Acting and Making of an Actor.
ITASPA scores on another count also - i.e. placement opportunities for its students. With the immense wealth of goodwill that the School enjoys by virtue of Shashi Ranjan’s notable standing in the industry for upwards of three decades, besides the leverage the Indian Television Academy and GR8! TV mag has with the various Production-houses, the students can really look forward to first preference opportunities in both Films & TV as well. It is a school that aims to put you in prime focus and pave your gateway to Films & TV!
And now! This is your chance – grab it! Only once in a blue moon, there comes such an opportunity as to make your dreams come true. If shining on the Screen is what you crave for, then, here is an opening for you to land a ‘break’ in the future productions of Rajan Shahi, maker of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and other humongous hits. He’s the one who launched Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, AngadHasija, Kinshuk Mahajan, Parul Chauhanand many more. You can be his next! ‘To do that’, says the TV Tycoon, ‘Enroll in a special 2-month course at the ITASPA and that would earn you top preference in the casting of our soon to be launched productions!’ Shashi Ranjan, CMD, ITASPA stresses, ‘At ITASPA, we make complete Actors out of you and strive to provide youthe best placements possible! Recently, 10 actors trained here got a break in ‘Savdhaan India’ (Like OK), including the leads. And our tie-up with Rajan Shahi is nothing short of a goldmine for you!’
Act NOW! Admissions open… Remember, ‘Opportunity’ doesn’t knock twice!

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