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Life is better when you Sing.
The origin of Instrumental music dates back to around the 15th and 16th century AD. Instrumental music is a system of music associated with all the parts of India and the style is followed largely in four south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Instrumental classical music is mostly vocal unlike Hindustani classical music. There are 72 basic scales on the octave and constitutes a rich variety of melodic motion. The basic form of a song is monophonic in variation.
The Elegant Creations conducts regular and online vocal music classes for Certificate courses, Diploma courses, Bachelor degree courses, Masters degree courses and doctorate music courses in vocal music - classical vocal, light classical vocal and Rabindra Sangeet etc. During learning the theory and practice of vocal music at The Elegant Creations, a vocal music course student learns about music - knowledge of Indian vocal music, sound and its origin, scales, notes (notations), work of noted musicians of the world, many Ragas and Raga based musical compositions, Talas (teen taal etc.), Rhythms, Alankars, light classical etc. The vocal music student learns many of the following ragas.
Vocal music is the music that we hear and see every day. It is usually the singing performance that is completed by one or more than one singers. Instruments might be or might not be a part of the performance. Vocal music is one of the oldest form of music and now can be classified into various different types of music and singing.
The Elegant Creations teaches various forms of vocal singing. Some of them includes :
Classical Vocal (Shastriya Sangeet)
Classical vocal is one of the oldest form of vocal that humans have learnt. Since earl civilization classical music has been our mentor and our roots to music and vocals. The Elegant Creations teaches Shastriya Sangeet and offers degree on successful completion.
Semi - Classical
In India Semi Classical Music is very common and people here like to listen to semi classical music. We at The Elegant Creations teach semi classical to all our learners who wants to learn this unique art.
Bollywood music is the most common and preferable form of music these days. People love listening and performing to tunes that the movies bring to us every day through various media. We are a specialist in Bollywood music and choreography giving students a chance to learn what they love.
Child Rhymes
Child rhymes is needed in educational institutes to be performed by children and students of the institution. This form of singing is used by singing rhymes with music and rhythms.
Ghazal is loved by most people with taste for classical music. In Ghazal poetry is sung with the help of rhythm by young adults and adults. Ghazal is a poetic expression expressed in a heart wrenching way.

Class Schedule :

Adults Class Every Sunday - 10.30 AM
Children Class Every Sunday - 1.00 PM

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